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Are you looking for replacement roofing sheets, cement fibre roofing or over-cladding systems for your industrial roof in South Wales? Or for any other industrial building nationally?


At Valleys Roofing & Cladding Ltd, we provide a wide range of industrial roofing and cladding solutions at competitive prices.

Solutions we provide

  • Clearing of debris/growth in the gutters leaving the rain water free flowing.

  • Installation of a Plygene gutter lining system.

  • Water ingress; investigation and solution

  • Replacement of damaged flashings, sheets, roof lights and much more

  • Dilapidations - replacement of any damaged or worn, flashings, roof lights, sheets ect.

  • Making good and help with any alterations to the existing building

  • Weathering penetrations to the roof/walls following the removal of flues, vents, windows, doorways and more

Our services don't stop there

  • Free consultations

  • Fast and reliable service

  • Competitive pricing

  • Bespoke solutions for industrial units, garages, boat houses and farm buildings


We can also provide professional roofing and cladding labourers and fixers to aid in any large industrial cladding and roofing projects wherever you are in the UK.


Contact our experienced professionals whether you require cladding and roofing services or if you need an extra helping hand on any large projects you currently have underway.

Industrial roofing and cladding services

For quality roofing solutions,

call Valleys Roofing & Cladding Ltd in South Wales:

07495 161018

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